Austin Health VPH award finalist for Health IQ’s Queue Manager

Austin Health was recognised at the 2013 Victorian Public Healthcare awards for its leadership in innovation for optimising healthcare through e-health and communications technology. The project, ‘E-queuing at Austin Health Specialist Clinics’, saw Health IQ’s Queue Manager successfully implemented in their outpatients department and at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre.

Queue Manager was first implemented at Austin Health in September 2012 and its significant benefits have already captured the attention of the healthcare community within the few months since. Queue Manager eliminates the need for patients to register at reception, allowing them to self-check-in electronically and issuing each patient with a ticket number.

The system also minimises the need for manual processes, automatically alerting clinic staff of the patient’s arrival, allowing them to immediately start preparing for the appointment. Once the clinician is ready, an electronic screen will display the patient’s ticket number and the examination room number. This process is both efficient and empowering, and has proven to reduce the duration of the average patient visit at Austin Health considerably.

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