Health Central

Better data management, better information, better business

Health Central cuts through the health data maze to provide a straightforward view of your health business. This improved information retrieval and analysis is crucial to increase business performance.

Health organisations require access to huge volumes of data, much of which is stored in a combination of new and legacy systems, making it slow and difficult to retrieve. Having worked within hospitals for more than 15 years, at Health IQ we understand that this maze can make performing even the simplest task very complicated.

Health Central is a solution that delivers useable information from within mountains of data. Without replacing or upgrading your information systems, we provide a simpler access to your data and consolidate all the information you need.

Data Solution

Using a data warehouse model, Health Central retrieves information from existing systems without interfering with their operation. The ease in data retrieval simplifies day to day operational report creation producing sophisticated trend analysis and performance indicators. While Health Central will continue to grow to answer more hospital needs, our first application is dedicated to improving Patient Administration.

The Health Central Value

Health Central will bring real management and financial benefits by maximising your investment in IT and existing legacy systems. Health Central will improve your business performance by:

  • Simplifying information from complex systems.
  • Improving information retrieval and analysis.
  • Facilitating integration between your existing systems.
  • Delivering near real time data and analysis upon which management and organisational decisions can be made.

Patient administration is a problem area for many hospitals. Health Central consolidates all patient information, allowing for easy information access and retrieval. Health Central is organised in seven modules that incorporate all necessary patient centric information. Health Central provides a simplified, clear data access and retrieval that:

  • Provides information for management to identify strengths, weaknesses and trends.
  • Facilitates operational and day to day reporting.
  • Increases the effectiveness and impact of your information systems on your business.

Managing a health facility is a complex task that requires Managers to sort through an enormous range of data to get vital business information. Health Central provides information for a dashboard that:

  • Creates maximum visibility of all relevant operations in near real time.
  • Provides crucial performance analysis.
  • Easily identifies trends, strengths and weaknesses, all of which form the basis of strategic decisions for your health business.