Automated Communication From Hospital to Primary Carers

With over 15 years of health experience, Health IQ solutions are developed in response to real issues faced by Australian healthcare organisations. Accessibility to Patient Flow information has emerged as a major issue in the delivery of modern health care services.

Health IQ solutions have a strong reputation in effectively and securely capturing, presenting and transmitting vital Patient Flow data. These solutions include Patient Flow Messenger and Manager.

Messenger Value
  • Primary carers are better informed through increased accuracy and timeliness of the disseminated information.
  • Patient care is improved through streamlined patient continuum of care.
  • Community view of the hospital is enhanced through better engagement of Primary Stakeholders.
  • Reduced administrative and communication costs create a rapid ROI.
  • Meets Health Department requirements for GP communication.
The Patient Flow Messenger Solution

Patient Flow Messenger aggregates and distributes information from diverse systems at the hospital, to General Practitioners and other authorised community health care providers. Data is extracted from multiple systems using a variety of push and pull technologies. The server component transforms the data and interfaces to HL7 Messaging Gateways, fax servers and e-mail systems. The information is transmitted via any combination of these systems with appropriate levels of security. Patient Flow Messenger supplies the following information to Primary Carers:

  • Discharge Summary.
  • Inpatient Discharge Notifications including Pharmacy and Clinical Notes.
  • Emergency Department Discharge Notifications.
  • Patient Admissions including ED presentations, admissions, births and deaths.
  • Waiting List information including Additions, Status Changes, Cancellations.
  • Outpatient Non-Attendance
Status Reports and Auditing

Reports from the Patient Flow Messenger database can readily be created to display the status and a full history of messages.

Common Information Sources
  • Patient Administration System.
  • Pharmacy System.
  • Outpatients System.
  • Waiting List System.
  • Emergency Department System.
  • Clinical Systems.
Extraction Interfaces
  • HL7
  • Web Services
  • Flat (Text) Files
Transmission Media
  • Messaging (e.g. HL7)
  • SMS
  • Secure E-mail/Fax