Queue Manager

Automated patient Arrivals

With Queue Manager, Health IQ targets outpatient queuing processes, the validation of patient data and visibility of patient movement.

The value

  • Higher throughput of patients
  • Validation of billing details
  • Identification of billable ancillary services
  • Identification of non-Medicare patients before treatment is provided
  • Reduction in Did Not Wait and Failed To Attend appointments
  • Increased data accuracy
  • Administrative staff freed for higher value activities
  • Reduced requirement for physical waiting room space
  • Automatic notification and booking of Outpatient services such as pathology, radiology, plaster room
  • Reduced waiting time for patients

The solution

Patient arrival is automatically processed at an Outpatient Department kiosk.

Patient arrival time and status are automatically populated.

Touch-screen technology enables the verification of contact and demographic details.

Further patient details can be checked upon card-swipe, including  Medicare and DVA.

Patients are directed to the front desk if critical details need correcting, payment is required, or appointment information is invalid.

Wayfinding functionality visually guides the patient to the appropriate location.

Progress throughout the appointment is tracked by clinical and administrative staff.

Dashboards display the appointment status of each patient, allowing each department to pull patients as they are ready.

Queue Manager dashboard

Queue Manager provides configurable outpatient views, based on staff role.

Colour coding identifies the appointment status and progress of patient movement, including arrived patients, late patients, “did not attends” and complete appointments.

Configurable views containing patient information ensure complete and accurate billing and help with planning additional services, such as interpreters.

Information sources

Queue Manager interfaces with the Patient Administration System and other Outpatient Booking Systems.

Queue Manager retrieves and updates data from existing hospital systems and supplements this with additional patient information as required.

System integration

Queue Manager can use a variety of connectivity methods to access and transmit data, including direct data access and HL7 messaging.

Case studies and media coverage

Video case study Watch this case study by Motorola Solutions about the problems Queue Manager solved at Redcliffe Hospital, Queensland. (It’s just three minutes long.)

Case study Read this case study, also by Motorola Solutions, about how Queue Manager improved the outpatient experience for patients visiting Redcliffe Hospital.

Read about the Queue Manager solution in Suzanne Tindal’s ZDNet article (Sept 2011) on Slashing hospital time with self-serve kiosks.