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  • A and E

    Should ED be another ward?

    I recently attended the Strategies for Improving Patient Flow conference in Auckland NZ. As always I came away with many valuable insights from the passionate and knowledgeable presenters and attendees. Unexpectedly I also now have this challenging thought that won’t go away so I felt the need to share it and hopefully create a discussion […]

  • hospital waiting times cover image

    Improving your hospital waiting times and patient flow

    If you were unable to attend the Outpatients: Accelerating Flows and Improving Service Integration conference in Brisbane there were some key insights you may have missed. At the event, there was a breadth of engaging speakers, and over 150 delegates all keen to soak up the latest innovations in Outpatient care. One of the key […]

  • Safety culture at the Royal Melbourne Hospita feature imagel

    Creating a safety culture for the hospital at night

    If you were to take one thing away from the recent Patient Flow Conference in Sydney, it would be the importance of creating a patient safety culture in hospitals at night, and the best practice approaches to achieving it. At the conference, there was plenty of anecdotal evidence highlighting the vast difference between hospital culture […]

  • Nightlife at The Royal Melbourne Hospital

    Leveraging technology and building a team culture to improve after-hours patient care.

    ‘Hospital-at-night’ was the reoccurring theme at this year’s Improving Patient Flow conference in Sydney, with a number of leading hospitals sharing their insights about how best to ensure patient safety and clinician engagement after-hours. This focus follows a recent review examining the outcomes of 26 hospitals and found that the mortality rate of patients admitted […]