Patient Flow Manager

  • Demand Visibility and Capacity Management

    With over 10 years of health experience, Health IQ’s IT solutions have been developed in response to real issues faced by Australian healthcare facilities. Patient Flow Management, from admission to discharge has emerged as a major element in the delivery of modern health care services. Health IQ has positioned itself as an expert in effectively capturing and presenting vital Patient Flow Data.

    “More confident placement of electives” Martin Keogh, Director, Operations Support, Alfred Hospital


  • Hear from Tobi Wilson, former COO of Royal Melbourne Hospital on the outcomes they achieved following the implementation of Patient Flow Manager.

  • The Health IQ Patient Flow Manager Value

    The key value points are:

      • Simple to learn & use, with all information on one screen
      • Demand and capacity management
      • Discharge planning
      • Providing transparent patient flow information in a near real time across networks, regions and states
      • Improving communication between and within wards drastically reducing the time needed for meetings, resulting in improved levels of Patient Care.
      • Providing faster, more efficient, customised and relevant reporting
      • Identifying trends to predict demand management
      • Delivering an effective agenda and planning resource
      • Delivering greater confidence in scheduling and transferring patients
      • Improving levels of patient care by empowering frontline professionals.
    The Health IQ Patient Flow Solution

    Health IQ Patient Flow Manager combines information from many systems including inpatient, elective, emergency and outpatient systems. The executive view displays customised & measurable KPIs, which enable patient flow trends to be identified and assist with the development of strategies to improve performance and resolve issues.

    Technical Details

    Software consists of client installation, server installation, web pages & interface connectors

    • MS SQL Server database
    • HL7
    • ODBC
    • PAS Link

    Look out for these upcoming Health IQ Patient Flow Manager additions

    • Transfers and Discharges
    • Interhospital Transfers
    • Predictive placement
    • Predictive planning
    • Transport
    • Hardware/ systems integration
    • Predictive Expected Discharge Date

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